How to Contribute

The Atlanta Street Names Project is a collaborative effort. Anyone with an interest in Atlanta, or history, or street names, or anything related, is encouraged to participate.

The historical record on Atlanta street names is often unclear, contradictory, or altogether missing, and there are relatively few questions with definitive answers. Please consider this project an opportunity to pursue a multitude of ideas about where our street names come from, and share your findings with us. All plausible theories deserve serious attention and consideration.

There are several ways to contribute, depending on your interests and available time and effort:


You're welcome to discuss any of the entries by posting comments on them. Feel free to offer your opinion on current and proposed street names or suggest new ones. You're also welcome to leave positive feedback or criticism on my write-ups for any street name. We'll try to participate in these discussions as well. Just please keep it civil and constructive.

Improving Entries

If you know of a way to improve existing entries, such as adding new information, proposing an alternative theory, noting an error, suggesting a correction, or contributing a related story or image, please post a comment on the appropriate entry. We try to read all the comments and if your contribution makes sense, we'll be happy to incorporate it and give you full credit.

New Entries

We don't hold a monopoly on who can create new street name entries. Please consider researching new entries to add to our growing collection. To start, contact us and let us know which street you're interested in researching, and what you've found so far. We'll work with you to get the entry written, fact-checked, and polished. If we publish the entry, you'll get full credit as a contributor.

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